Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pete Beck

Being a resident of Burlington NC, Pete got into kayaking on some of the local runs, such as the Haw & Mayo Rivers. I first heard of Pete's exploits through the internet forum of the Smith River Valley Canoe Club. Pete and I eventually met on one of the club's annuel trips to the Tellico River. It was a turning point for both of us and, since that time, we've fired up some big runs together. Having a solid paddler and encouraging friend by my side, I have gone farther in this sport within the first year than I would have imagined. Pete and I took on the NRG, Cheoah, Tellico ledges, Ocoee, & Wilson's Creek together and, hopefully, will continue adding to the list.

Pete on Wilson's Creek

Creek line at the Cheoah

Pete boofing Boatbuster

Hook 99 at the New River Gorge

There is one river Pete loves most of all.......the Tellico!!! I don't believe he has found a river yet that can give him as many boofs, vertical drops, and the all around excitement he seeks in the sport of kayaking. Here are a few shots of Pete doing what he enjoys most, dropping the big 'uns.

Contemplating the Drop

Boofing Baby

Dropping Bald River Falls

Pete recently created a video, posted below, relating the first year and a half of his paddling experience. It has been a blast running these rivers and creeks with him. I'm looking forward to many more years of running the shit, with Pete by my side in the put-in eddy.

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