Sunday, February 24, 2008

Grant Price

Grant is a fellow resident of Martinsville, VA. I first met this young man on one of SRVCC's paddling trips down the North Fork of the Mayo. Grant and I started kayaking along the same time in the fall of 2006. He is also an avid rock climber and mountain biker. Putting this same energy and dedication into paddling, Grant has become a great kayaker as well. Feeling confident in his skills and ability to handle himself on the water, I took him down for his first run on the Cheoah last fall.

Grant at the Cheoah

Grant firing up the Big 'Un

Grant looking back at Bear Creek Falls

I've also had the pleasure of going down some runs like the Upper Russell Fork and Wilson's Creek with Grant this past year. Of course, we hit up the local playspot...the Boiling Hole on the Mayo...or the Whitewater Park whenever possible.

Catching Air at The Wall

Surfing 20 Stitches

Bombing down 10 Foot Falls

Being an enthusiastic & adventurous paddler, Grant was more than willing to scout out the Nanty Cascades with me on a 30 degree, November morning. Grant also wanted to scout out Worser Wesser and insisted that we run it before heading home. So, after about half an hour of preparation, we bombed down Worser Wesser for a short but exhilirating ride.

Scouting the Cascades

Grant running Worser Wesser

Grant is looking into working as a video boater this summer on the New River Gorge. I will hate to see him leave the area; however, I will most definitely have to visit him up in West Virginia to hit some runs like the NRG, Gauley, Tygart, and whatever else may be running.

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