Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Justin Culbertson

Justin lives outside of Winston Salem in Lewisville....not 10 minutes from I-40. If his skills and determination with regards to kayaking didn't make him a likely paddling partner, then his proximity to WNC's gateway definetely gave him the ticket. Pete and I met up with this young man after he'd been paddling for six months or so. Justin already had the mark of a good paddler but had not been on much more than the Mayo & Whitewater Park. For some reason, he wanted to link up with the likes of us.....so, we took him down his first couple of laps on Wilson's Creek and geared him up for some big-hole surfing at USNWC.

Justin ripping it up @ USNWC

Pete & Justin heading down the Comp Channel

Dropping Final Destination

Justin surfing the hole @ Final Destination

During this past Easter, Justin went with me on a paddlin' trip to Tennessee. We hit up two great creeks....the Little and Tellico. The Little River had been on my hit list for quite some time and Justin was more than willing to explore this creek with me. We road scouted some of the bigger drops and then headed on down. Justin didn't hold back anything and even probed the Sinks, not only the drop but the hole at the bottom too. The next day we hit up the Tellico River getting Justin some of his first vertical action.

Justin boofing in the midst of the Screaming Meanies

Justin probing the Sinks

Justin Boofing Baby Falls

I can definetely see some talent and an adventurous spirit in this newcomer to the sport. Justin is already using his whitewater experience to his advantage. While working at a kid's camp this summer, Justin will be instructing the campers in whitewater kayaking. I'm looking forward to doing some more creekin' and playboating with Justin whenever we get the chance and wherever the water happens to be.

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