Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hiking the Buffalo

I had the fortunate opportunity to go hiking with my dad a few weeks back. We decided to return to a familiar stretch....the Buffalo, a mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway that he and I have hiked numerous times before. They have recently laid out a mile and a half swithback trail that ascends the mountain and gives you a closer look at the flora & fauna of this natural area preserve.

Road leading to Buffalo Mountain

Dad Hiking Up the Trail

Along the way, we were lucky enough to see a couple of whitetail deer on the trail. I patiently worked my way closer while they were grazing. They were just as curious of me as I was of them and, eventually, I was able to capture a photo. Dad has also seen a couple of black bear cubs on the Buffalo. Whether or not you see any wildlife, there are always beautiful vistas to photograph once you reach the top.

Whitetail Looking Back at Me

Landscape on the Buffalo

Top of the Climb

Once we got to the top, the winds were almost unbearable but I still had to explore every corner of the mountain-top. The Buffalo has an immense variety of plant life. Playing around with the macro lens, I was able to capture this diversity up-close. After we had all the wind we could stand, Dad and I took a last look and started back down the trail.

Capturing that rarely seen

Kevin on the Buffalo

Dad checking out the view

A Last Look

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Delane said...

It's nice to see the trail work at Buffalo. Wayyyyy, wayyy back,I drove my 4wheel drive Nissan to the top, back when you could still do that. I'm glad that they have a public trail there now allowing you to hike up there. I'll have to go back and check it out.