Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Piney...a Whitewater Gem hiding out in West Virginia!

Started out the 2009 year with a sweet 12 mile section of fun class III/IV creekin on the Piney in West Virginia. There is no single drop or series of rapids too spectacular on this creek. Rather it's just a long, continous section of whitewater. Just what the four of us needed as Edgar, Trevyn, Eric & myself set off from the put-in right in the middle of Beckley, WV.

Pulling on the Skirt

Cold weather at the Piney

One of my favorite drops on the run, this eight foot waterfall has a nice class III boulder garden to get you revved up or psyched out before you roll up to it. Edgar had to 'hand of god' Eric in the middle of the intro rapid and Trevyn threw out the life line. I had the fun job of retrieving the gear. Close call but, after it was all said & done, we checked out the fall & got ready to fire it up.

Checking out the local's line

Pulling through the drop

Classic Winter Run

Edgar...giddy w/excitement

Kevin cruisin' over the drop

Edgar picking the meaty line

After making it three quarters of the way down, we decided to take a break. It was nice to get out of the boat for a while; however, we quickly discovered it was much colder out of the water than paddling through it. With only a few more miles to go, we finished out the run and headed home. I have to say, I look forward to getting back to this one in the future.

Eric taking a rest

The crew on the banks of the Piney

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