Monday, July 9, 2007

Mountain Trails

My father and I set out on a day of hiking in the Blacksburg area of Virginia. We visited both Mountain Lake and the Cascades in this region. After reaching the lake, we set out on Indian Trail which follows its banks. There was an abundance of plant life and beautiful vistas to see at Mountain Lake.

View of Mountain Lake

Fallen Tree & Fern

A Closer Look

After taking in the lake, Dad and I headed out to the Cascades. The area around the Cascades has been designated as a state park and preserved for recreational use by the public. There is a trail that follows Little Stoney Creek upstream to the 60 foot waterfall. The valley offers a great resource for hiking, photography, and fishing. When running, the creek has also been paddled by determined and adventerous kayakers.

Little Stoney

Moss-covered Tree and its Roots

Stairway along the Path


At the end of the trail, you are rewarded with a beautiful view of this 60 foot waterfall....a serene place to reflect, have a picnic, or swim if you can endure the cold water.

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