Sunday, November 18, 2007


Pete and I headed down to the Cheoah during the September release. Not having ran this one before, we were looking to hook up with a couple guys who knew the river. Instead we met and ran the river with Todd and Travis, who were also there for the first time. The two of them were pretty experienced boaters, so the four of us bombed down the Cheoah reading and running the rapids as they came for practically the entire 8 miles of class IV whitewater. Being that Bear Creek Falls was the only place we stopped, my pictures from this day are only of this one, but wicked awesome, rapid.

Creek Line @ Bear Creek Falls I

Creek Line @ Bear Creek Falls II

The Falls @ Bear Creek

Rafting the Cheoah

The four of us made it safely down to Calderwood Lake. Below, Todd and Travis are packing away all their gear. Pete and I also got everything loaded up in the truck but didn't get any further than the two miles back up the road to Bear Creek Falls. He couldn't get enough of this rapid and had to run it a couple of more times.

Todd & Travis

Pete Boofing Bear Creek Falls

Pete Firing up the Creek Line

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