Sunday, November 18, 2007


October came and, along with it, the Russell Fork releases. The Breaks Interstate Park, with the Russell Fork flowing beneath it, is an annual destination for the Smith River Valley Canoe Club. After spending two days on the water and a night camping in the park, I can easily see why the club comes back year after year. I arrived at the Flannagan Dam on Saturday morning to find everyone dragging boats off vehicles and trying to squeeze back into the cold-weather gear that had been stored away throughout the summer.

Cat getting a kick out of Bob gearing up

Bob coming up for air

We eventually hit the water, putting on the Pound River. What a surge of whitewater coming out beneath the dam.....had to get my feet wet playing around in that stuff. After heading down river, I stopped off to catch a few photos of the group.

Sammy and Long-armed Bill
(Reach is always a plus in a C-1)

Ameya wrapping up another one

A little OC-1 Action

Teressa on the paddle out

After a fun day on the river, we collected the boats, cars & any swimmers lagging behind and then headed for the campground. It was a fun night around the campfire, joking and laughing. Sammy taught me the munchkin dance and all had to beware of rubber bands flying through the air. The next morning found us eating breakfast at the park and overlooking the Russell Fork Gorge. That run was definitely calling my name but it would have to wait until next time. That morning, again with a large group of paddlers, we put directly on the Upper RF for another day of play.

Overlooking the Gorge

SRVCC taking over the Russell Fork

Grant styling on the RF

Ameya driving into the hole at 20 stitches

Setting safety @ 20 stitches

Grant in the meat at 20 stitches

One of my favorite wave/hole on the Upper Russell Fork is in the middle of 20 stitches. After playing around here for a while, the group headed down the last few rapids on the river and I followed behind to take in the scenery and catch a few photos.

Grant & Ameya sizing things up

John about to 'Fire it Up'

Once we all reached the Garden Hole, it was time to call it a day. It was another fun weekend, getting to paddle with friends from the SRVCC and checking out a new river. I'll definitely make it back here next year, possibly with the Habitat.

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