Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Eve at Wilson's Creek

Having wanted to fire up this little run for a while now, Pete and I were granted our wish this past Christmas Eve when we saw Wilson's Creek was running. Full of holiday cheer and anticipation, we met up in the gorge that afternoon.

Pete on Wilson's: A Christmas Wish Granted

I rolled down Adako and turned onto the service road leading to the gorge around noon. The drops looked sweet and the gorge was spectacular. As I was waiting for Pete at the put-in, I saw a few others from the SRVCC club taking advantage of some Christmas Creekin'. Pete drove up to the put-in with a truckload full of boats and random kayakers. He had brought Mark along from Burlington, as well.

John Hall entering the first rapid on Wilson's

Scott, a local of Wilson's, dropping the first big 'un

Pete charging down Wilson's

After completing the first run, Mark opted out of taking on a second run and decided to drive along getting some video instead. Of course, Pete and I couldn't resist hitting up this creek again. Scott, one of the locals on Wilson's Creek, joined us as we headed downstream. With such a small group, we were able to capture and photograph quite a bit more.

Mark taking video at Thunderhole

As I missed Pete's first run through Boatbuster & Thunderhole, I made him hike back up to run it again. There were a few boulders to hop over and a forest to truck through, but it's all worth it in the end.

Pete hiking back up Boatbuster & Thunderhole

Entering Boatbuster

Catching some air at Boatbuster

Pete shooting out of Thunderhole

It wasn't long before we got to one of the best rapids on this creek......Triple Drop!!! At the level Wilson's was running that day, this rapid was fairly forgiving. Yet, I could see how you would need to be right on line when that bottom hole is up and pumping.

Kevin in the middle of Triple Drop

Pete boofing Triple Drop

Pete and Scott at the end of Wilson's

Loading Up & Going Home

After an exciting two runs down Wilson's Creek for the first time, we loaded up and headed home. Pete was sure to pick up a Christmas card for his wife on the way home......being such a kind and considerate husband, he didn't want to be the only one full of holiday cheer come Christmas morning.

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