Sunday, November 18, 2007

Round 2 @ the Cheoah & a Day at the Nanty!!!!

Wake-up Call - 5:30 A.M.
Pick up Grant - 6:00 A.M.
Breakfast - 6:15 A.M.
Leave Martinsville - 6:30 A.M.

Five hours later, Grant and I were at the top put-in for the Cheoah. After a shuttle ride to O'Henry's and a quick walk to Craik's ledge, we headed downstream. We teamed up with another three kayakers at O'Henry's and made our way down to Bear Creek Falls for some much needed VERT!!!

Kevin firing up Bear Creek Falls

The 'Non-Traditional' Line for Rafts

Grant dropping the falls @ Bear Creek

Looking back at Bear Creek Falls

Kevin and Grant

Nice Boofing Action @ Bear Creek Falls

Grant after several runs

Having finished up at Bear Creek Falls, Grant and I started down the last two miles to Calderwood Lake. I stopped off to take a few shots at Tapoco Lodge and then it was to the business at hand. Each time I have ran these last couple of miles, it seems the combination of failing strength and a readiness to just be finished has caused me to get worked somewhere along this stretch. This time, I was flipped by a ledge hole in the midst of Yard Sale. I missed a roll, set up again but was knocked square in the head by two consecutive rocks. I did eventualy roll up but was a little dazed and confused. Luckily, I didn't have far to go and made it out to the lake still in my boat, only having lost a few brain cells from the head-on collision.

Scene at Tapoco Lodge I

Scene at Tapoco Lodge II

Sunday morning Grant and I woke up from a good night's rest at the NOC bunkhouses. We weren't quite sure what the plan was for the day. It was too early for anything to be open, so we headed up the road to scout the Nanty Cascades.

Driving up to the Cascades

Scoutin' the Cascades

Three-tiered drop above the Cascades

Having gotten some breakfast and checked out the paddling store, Grant and I decided to go check out the rapid Worser Wesser below the NOC. I had been scouting this one for quite some time now and had planned on running it one day. However, I must be getting a little old because I didn't feel up to the hassle of unloading the boats, gearing up, setting up cameras, running the rapid, and then loading everything back up. That's when it is good to have a young buck around. I could tell Grant really wanted to fire this baby up, so I puffed out my chest and beat on it a few times to get the adrenaline running. With one last look, we climbed back up to the car, got everything ready and headed to the water.

Kevin Givin'er a go @ Worser Wesser

Grant bombing down Worser Wesser

In the midst of Worser Wesser

Emerging on the other side of Worser Wesser

Grant and I then lugged the boats back up to the railroad tracks with some throw-ropes. In a few minutes, we had everything loaded up and ready to go with another class IV(V?) under our belt. It's good to have friends that won't let you pass up on a sweet rapid. Grant took a lot of video footage and produced the following video from this weekend. Good stuff all around.

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